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Hebrew Root Words

All words are ideas that let us talk and write to each other about everything we think about and feel and want to do. The same way a great tree begins from a small acorn and grows over time, so do ideas and the words we use to describe them.

Most Hebrew words start with a seed of an idea that grows over time, too. By adding vowels and additional letters, we get more ideas that are related to the original word, but each one just a little different.

The three letters (Shin-Vet-Tav) make the root word “Rest”. Related words grow out of that root using the same three letters plus various prefixes (letters before it), suffixes (letters after it), and vowels. like ___ which means “Cessation” or _____ which means “Shabbat observance”..

By recognizing the root a word is built , you can understand the thread of its meaning. Words that share the same root have related meanings and are all connected in some way to the meaning of the root.

Root Worksheets

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