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Israel Historic Maps

Kingdom of David and Solomon
Israel – The Kingdom of David and Solomon
Kingdom of the Maccabbees
Israel – The Kingdom of the Maccabees

British Mandate
Balfour Declaration committed to reconstruction of the Jewish homeland in what was known as the Palestinian Mandate. – 1917 CE. In 1922 CE the League of Nations formalized the agreement.
The First Partition, Violating the agreement of the Mandate, Britain closed 77% of the Mandate to Jewish settlement and awarded it to the Arabs. This area became Jordan. Britain awarded an additional area, the Golan to Syria.

1947 Borders
1947 CE – The U.N. passed Resolution 181 which recommended the partitioning of the remaining Mandate lands between the Arabs and Israel. The Jewish portion was 13% of the original Mandate. Israel accepted and the Arabs rejected the plan and invaded.
Israel pre-1967 borders
Pre-1967 CE – During the defensive wars against Arab invasion, Israel captured 31% more territory than Resolution 181 had allotted. Jordan captured the West Bank and Egypt captured the Gaza Strip.