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17th Government

Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister
(13 Sivan 5734 — 3 June 1974)

17th Government


In photo, left to right – seated: Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister and Minister of Communications; Ephraim Katzir, Fourth President; Yigal Allon, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister
Standing: Moshe Baram, Minister of Labor; Aharon Yadlin, Minister of Education and Culture; Yehoshua Rabinowitz, Minister of Finance; Shlomo Hillel, Minister of Police; Moshe Kol, Minister of Touruism; Gideon Hausner, Minister without Portfolio; Haim Zadok, Minister of Justice; Shimon Peres, Minister of Defense; Shulamit Aloni, Minister without Portfolio; Victor Shem Tov, Minister of Health; Shlomo Rosen, Minister of Immigrant Absorption; Haim Bar Lev – Minister of Trade and Industry; Avraham Ofer, Minister of Housing; Israel Galili, Minister without Portfolio; Gad Yaacobi, Minister of Transport; Aharon Uzan, Minister of Agriculture; Aharon Yariv, Minister of Information; Gershon Avner, Cabinet Secretary

Note: The NRP joined the government only on Sept.10,1974. Until then, Shlomo Hillel also served as Minister of Interior, Haim Zadok as Minister of Religious Affairs, and Victor Shemtov as Minister of Social Welfare

Missing in photo: Abba Eban, Foreign Minister