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30th Government

Ariel Sharon – Prime Minister
(26 Adar I 5763 — 28 February 2003)


30th Government


In photo, right to left – seated: Moshe Katsav, Eighth President; Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister

Standing (1st row): Avraham Poraz, Minister of the Interior; Gideon Ezra, Minister without Portfolio; Uzi Landau, Minister without Portfolio; Eliezer Sandberg, Minister of Science and Technology; Efraim Eitam, Minister of Housing and Construction; Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Finance; Yisrael Katz, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Benyamin Elon, Minister of Tourism; Tzachi Hanegbi, Minister of Public Security

Standing (2nd row): Natan Sharansky, Minister without Portfolio; Shaul Mofaz, Minister of Defense; Yehudit Naot, Minister of the Environment; Silvan Shalom, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs; Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Transportation; Meir Sheetrit, Minister without Portfolio; Zevulun Orlev, Minister of Social Affairs; Yosef Lapid, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice; Ehud Olmert, Vice Premier and Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor; Joseph Paritzky, Minister of National Infrastructures; Dan Naveh, Minister of Health; Tzipi Livni, Minister of Immigrant Absorption; Limor Livnat, Minister of Education, Culture and Sport