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2nd Government


David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister
(20 Heshvan 5711 – – 30 October 1950)

2nd Government

In photo, left to right: Yitzhak Meir Levin, Minister of Social Welfare; Moshe Shapira, Minister of Interior, Immigration and Health; Pinhas Rosen, Minister of Justice; Yehuda Maimon, Minister of Religious Affairs and War Casualties; David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense; Haim Weizmann, First President; David Remez, Minister of Education and Culture; Dov Yosef, Minister of Transport; Pinhas Lavon, Minister of Agriculture; Bechor Shalon Shitrit, Minister of Police; Yaacov Geri, Minister of Trade and Industry; Ze’ev Sharef, Cabinet Secretary.

Missing from photo: Eliezer Kaplan, Minister of Finance; Moshe Sharett, Foreign Minister; Golda Meir, Minister of Labor.