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Metulla seal


Other pioneers from Petach Tikva (near Tel Aviv of today) joined in settling Metulla. Some Talmudic scholars from Safed also joined them. Half a century later, Shoah survivors would also participate in settling Metulla.

In the course of the years Metulla has experienced many hardships. But the determination of its residents brought forth a flourishing garden, out of barren waste-land. Their perseverance has turned it into an enchanting place. Metulla’s setting makes it an ideal, and natural place to spend your vacation.

Looking to the East, one sees Mt. Hermon, dressed in white in the winter and spring, towering over residents’ homes. To the South, Hula Valley is seen. In the North and West one looks on the beautiful fields and orchards of Metulla’s residents, changing colors and configuration in accordance with the season.

Metulla’s fruits: apples, pears, apricots, cherries, plums, peaches and nectarines – are well known in Israel and around the world for their exquisite taste. High mountains, that are also snow bound during winter, look down on us from the North. East of Metulla there are four waterfalls: the Ayun, the Tachana (Flour Mill Falls ), the Eshed (“Cascade”) and the Tannur (Oven).

The Ayun stream flows from the Ayun Valley in Lebanon. (It is pronounced “eye YUN” and written as Ijon in the Torah.) The stream has carved out a small vegetated canyon, on the East side of Metulla, as it flows down from the valley, on its way to the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee.

A walk in the nature reserve of the Ayun canyon is wonderful. As you follow the footpaths, nature offers amazing sights to enjoy: beautiful landscape, blossoming flowers, and waterfalls.

In the direction of Har Hazfiya (“The Look-out Mountain”), on the west side of the town, there is an observation point – the Dado lookout. From there you can see the entire Hula valley, as well as Mt. Hermon, the mountains of the Upper Galilee region (Naftali), the Golan Heights and the Lebanon – a fascinating view.