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Quick Facts

Father Amram
Mother Yocheved
Brother Moses
Sister Miriam
Wife Elisheva
Sons Nadav, Avihu, Eleazar & Ithamar

First Kohen HaGadol (The High Priest)


Aaron was Moses’ older brother. Aaron was the middle of three children. The oldest child was Miriam, their sister. He was born in Egypt during the time we were slaves to Pharaoh.

We don’t know much about Aaron’s life before Moses returned to Egypt, but we do know that when HaShem sent Moses back to Egypt, HaShem also sent Aaron out to meet him.

Aaron talked for Moses when Moses was sent before Pharaoh. He also showed Pharaoh the signs with the staff. AfterAaron's Family Tree we left Egypt and sent to Mt. Sinai and got the Torah, Moses appointed Aaron as the first Kohen. Aaron was the Kohen HaGadol (The High Priest), and his children were all Kohanim.

Every Kohen is a descendant of Aaron, even though Moses’ family are not and Miriam’s family are not. Aaron died in the desert, during the forty years when we were being punished. Aaron’s staff was stored in the Ark of the Covenant along with the Tablets of the Law.

Aaron died at the age of 123 and was buried on Mount Hor. His son Eleazar became High Priest when he died.