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Quick Facts
Original Name Avram
Father Terakh
Mother Amathlaah
Wife Sarah (Sari)
Sons Ishmael
(mother: Hagar)
(mother: Sarah)
   The first patriarch of the Jewish People


Abraham's Journey
Family Tree

When Abraham was a boy, his name was Avram and his father Terakh made idols for people to worship.
Avram decided that there was really only one G-D, and that all the idols were just stone.
When Avram promised HaShem that he would believe only in HaShem, and raise his children also to believe only in HaShem, HaShem told Avram to travel west to the land of Israel (Canaan).
In Israel, HaShem changed Avram’s name to Avraham or Abraham, and Abraham was also promised that he would be the Father of many nations.
When Abraham was 100 years old he had his second child, Isaac.
To see if Abraham really would follow HaShem, no matter how difficult, HaShem asked Abraham to take his son Isaac and sacrifice Isaac to HaShem.
When Abraham agreed to sacrifice Isaac, HaShem said that he wouldn’t let Abraham do it, and that Abraham had proven himself to HaShem.
Abraham died aged 175 and was buried with Sarah in the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron.