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Quick Facts
Name Originally Sarai
Changed to Sarah
Husband Avram (Abraham)
Son Isaac
      The first matriarch of Israel.

Sarah was Abraham’s wife. She married Avram when that was still his name and her name was still Sarai. They lived in Ur Casdim (Ur of the Chaldees).

They always wanted children, but never had any. At one time, Sarai even told Avram to use a surrogate mother and have a child with her servant Hagar. It didn’t work out, because Hagar still lived with them and Ishmael was really Hagar’s child.Sarah family tree

After Avram and Sarai had gone to Eretz Ysrael, (Canaan), They were visited by three angels. One of them told Avram that his name was now Abraham and his wife’s name was now Sarah. The angel also told them that in one year they would have a child.

Even though Sarah was pleased to find out that she would finally have a child, she was worried because she was nearly 100 years old. When Sarah gave birth to Isaac, she was so very happy. After a while she got jealous of Abraham’s first son Ishmael, the son of Hagar.
Sarah told Abraham to send Ishmael away, and following HaShem’s command, Abraham did as Sarah wished. When Sarah died Abraham bought the land of the cave of Makhpelah and the land around it the field of Mamre. Abraham buried Sarah in that cave of Makhpelah. The cave is there for all to visit in the city of Hebron, in Israel.