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Hanukkah Gelt Bag Craft


Gelt Bag Step 1

Gelt Bag Step 2

Gelt Bag Finished


  • Paper Bag
  • Cardboard
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Metallic Trim
  • Stapler
  • White Glue
  • Gold Wrappers From Hanukkah Gelt


1. Cut the top of the bag off so that you have about 6 inches left. Fold the top in about an inch. Cut a rectangle of cardboard to fit into the bottom.
2. Paint the bag blue and let dry. Fold Construction paper to make a handle and add the trim. Staple this to the bag.
3. Decorate the bag with the Hanukkah Gelt wrappers, or any way you choose. You can put your name on it in Hebrew.