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Bereshit Craft

Creation Panels

Materials List

  • 7 large sheets of paper and one very large piece of paper to put them on
  • Poster paint
  • Sponges and brushes for paint
  • collage materials (Optional)
  • Glue (Optional)

Each of the panels are one day of creation. You can also do one large panel from a sheet of butcher paper. Decorate them as you and your class feels. If you have a large class, have teams work on each day then assemble the project at the end.

Bereshit Craft

Day 1 - Bereshit Craft Day 1
Divide the sheet in half blend paint dark to light and light to dark
Day 2 - Bereshit Craft Day 2
Sky – this is a wonderful one to do with sponges and paint – shades of blue and white clouds.
Day 3 - Bereshit Craft Day 3
Trees and flowers – you can do this as a collage with some real elements such as grass and flowers.
Day 4 - Bereshit Craft Day 4
Lights in the sky – we have them in the day with the sun and at night with the moon and stars.
Day 5 - Bereshit Craft Day 5
Fish and birds – Fun to do with sponge cut outs of fish and birds or use pictures as a collage.
Day 6 - Bereshit Craft Day 6
Animals and people – Great when done as a collage of photos.
Shabbat - Bereshit Craft

Draw different items we use on Shabbat, like candle sticks and challah. You can also cut out Jewish stars for the kids to decorate and paste onto the panel.