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Haftara Emor

Ezekiel 44.15-31

But the Levitical priests, the son of Tzadok, who kept the charge of My sanctuary when the children of Israel went astray from Me, they shall come near to Me to minister to Me; and they shall stand before Me to offer Me the fat and the blood, says God the Lord. They shall enter My sanctuary, and come to My table, to minister to Me, and they shall keep My charge.

When they enter the gates of the inner court, they shall wear linen garments; they shall wear no wool while on duty at the gates of the inner court, and within. They shall have linen turbans on their heads, and linen breeches on their loins; they shall not gird themselves with anything that causes sweat. When they go into the outer court to the people, they shall take off the clothes in which they minister, and place them in the holy chambers; and they shall put on other clothes, lest they consecrate the people through contact with their clothing.

They must not shave their heads, nor let their hair grow long; they shall trim the hair on their heads. No priest may drink wine when he enters the inner court. They shall not marry a widow of a divorced woman; only a virgin of the seed of the house of Israel, or a widow of a priest.

And they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and the common, and show them how to discern between clean and unclean.

In a controversy they shall act as judges; and they shall judge it according to My ordinances. They shall observe My laws and My statutes in all My appointed times, and they shall maintain the holiness of My Sabbaths.

They shall not defile themselves by going near a dead person, except for a father or mother, a son or daughter, or a brother or an unmarried sister, for them they may defile themselves. After he is cleansed, they shall count for him seven days. On the day that he goes into the sanctuary, into the inner court, to minister in the sanctuary, he shall offer his sin offering, says God the Lord.

This shall be their inheritance: I am their inheritance; and you shall give them no possession in Israel: I am their possession.

They shall eat the meal offering, the sin offering, and the guilt offering; and every devoted thing in Israel shall be theirs. The first of all the fruits and every heave offering, of all your offerings., shall belong to the priests. You shall also give the priests the first of your dough, so that he may cause a blessing to rest on your house. The priests shall not eat anything that dies of itself, or is torn, whether it is bird or beast.