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Book of Amos

The Book of Amos is the third of the Twelve Minor Prophets in the TaNaCh. Amos, an older contemporary of Hosea and Isaiah, was active around. 750 BC during the reign of Jeroboam II (788–747 BC), making the Book of Amos the first biblical book in the section of the prophets written. Amos lived in the kingdom of Judah but preached in the northern kingdom of Israel. His major themes of social justice, G-d’s omnipotence, and divine judgment became staples of prophecy.

An outline of the chapters:

  • Oracles against the nations (1.3–2.6)
  • Addresses to groups in Israel
    • Women of Samaria (4.1–3)
    • Rich persons in Samaria (6.1–7)
    • Rich persons in Jerusalem (8.4–8)
  • Five symbolic visions of G-d’s judgment on Israel, interrupted by a confrontation between Amos and his listeners at Bethel (7.10–17):
    • Locusts (7.1–3)
    • Fire (7.4–6)
    • A plumb line (7.7–9)
    • A basket of fruit (8.1–3)
    • G-d beside the altar (9.1–8a)
  • Epilogue 9:8b–15