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Book of Hosea

The Book of Hosea is one of the books of the TaNach. According to the traditional order it is the first of the twelve Minor Prophets.

Set around the fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the Book of Hosea denounces the worship of gods other than HaShem, comparing Israel’s abandonment of HaShem to a woman being unfaithful to her husband. According to the book’s narrative, the relationship between Hosea and his unfaithful wife Gomer is comparable to the relationship between HaShem and his unfaithful people Israel.

A brief outline of the concepts presented in the Book of Hosea exist below:

• Chapters 1–2 – Account of Hosea’s marriage with Gomer  is a metaphor for the relationship with HaShem and Israel.
• Chapter 3 – Account of Hosea’s marriage autobiographically. This is possibly a marriage to different women
• Chapters 4–14:9/14:10 – Oracle judging Israel, Ephraim in particular, for not living up to the covenant.