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Book of Isaiah

The Book of Isaiah (ספר ישעיהו) is the first of the Later Prophets in the Hebrew Bible. It is identified by a some outside sources as the words of the 8th-century BCE prophet Isaiah ben Amoz, but there is extensive evidence that much of it was composed during the Babylonian exile and later.

Brief overview of the chapters

  • 1–12: Statements against Judah mostly from Isaiah’s early years;
  • 13–23: Statements against foreign nations from his middle years;
  • 24–27: The “Isaiah Apocalypse”, added at a much later date;
  • 28–33: Statements from Isaiah’s later ministry
  • 34–35: A vision of Zion, perhaps a later addition;
  • 36–39: Stories of Isaiah’s life, some from the Book of Kings
  • 40-54: Israel and Jerusalem
  • 55-66: Stories by other prophets after the return from Babylon