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Book of Joel

The Book of Joel is part of the TaNaCh. Joel is part of a group of twelve prophetic books known as the Twelve Minor Prophets.

Here is the structure of the book:

  • Lament over a locust plague and a drought
    • The effects of these events on agriculture, farmers, and on the supply of agricultural offerings for the Temple in Jerusalem, interspersed with a call to national lament (1:1–20).
    • A more apocalyptic passage comparing the locusts to an army, and revealing that they are G-d’s army (2:1–11).
    • A call to national repentance in the face of G-d’s judgment (2:12–17).
  • Promise of future blessings
    • Banishment of the locusts and restoration of agricultural productivity as a divine response to national penitence (2:18–27).
    • Future prophetic gifts to all G-d’s people, and the safety of G-d’s people in the face of cosmic cataclysm (2:28–32 or 3:1–5).
  • Coming judgment on Israel’s enemies and the vindication of Israel